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Neue Methode zur Hirnstimulation, die an Binaurale Beats erinnert» Statt Sounds werden elektrische Felder mit geringen Frequenzunterschieden verwendet

Neue Methode zur Hirnstimulation, die an Binaurale Beats erinnert
21.09.2018, 13:59

"The new method, called temporal interference, exploits the fact that neurons do not respond to electric fields with frequencies of around 1,000 Hertz (...) or more. Thus, high frequency electric fields applied to the brain pass through it without affecting neuronal activity. If, however, two fields are applied to the brain, at high frequencies that differ by small amounts corresponding to the frequencies to which neurons can respond, they interfere with each other to produce an ‘envelope’ electric field that excites the cells within it.

For example, applying two opposing fields, with frequencies of 2000 and 2010Hz, produces an envelope field with a frequency of 10Hz wherever the two high frequency fields cross paths. This lies within the frequency range to which neurons respond, and so stimulates neurons lying beneath the envelope to fire. Nir Grossman and his colleagues at MIT’s Synthetic Neurobiology Group therefore reasoned that it might be possible to generate such low frequency electric field envelopes deep inside the brain, which would stimulate nerve cells in the envelopes without stimulating those on top, which are exposed to either one of the high frequency fields used to generate the envelope, but not both.
The new technique has obvious advantages over deep brain stimulation. It also has advantages over existing non-invasive brain stimulation methods, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). “With TMS and tDCS you can activate deep regions, but you also can activate overlying ones, and that could cause unwanted side effects,” says senior author Ed Boyden. “Targets for disorders such as depression, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and so forth, are deep in the brain, and they might be more selectively stimulatable with our method.”
Life is just a long false awakening

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